We train and equip aspiring caregivers or patient attendants with skills and knowledge necessary to make them competent and highly skilled to confidently provide quality basic care to patients with various health conditions. Our comprehensive four months course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective care to any patient or family members that you may find in your care. This caregivers/patient attendant training course covers a broad range of theoretical and practical lessons that will help you succeed in this profession.

For many years, we have provided professional home-based care services. Majority of care providers in this field are caregivers. Caregivers also are known as Patient Attendants are an important stakeholder in this sector. They can’t be ignored. 80% of home care service is provided by family or trained caregivers. We can confidently pride ourselves with vast experience, knowledge and understanding of home care needs for Kenya’s’ families.

We do not train you for the sake of it; we carefully and diligently equip you with adequate skills and knowledge that help you to exceptionally stand out among your peers and in the job market. We have flexible training schedules, friendly payment plans (including installments options), direct attachment placements, no age limit, and offers that make your learning enjoyable and thereafter-career a memorable experience with us. This is as a result of our intensive and extensive training and above that, we ensure the approach to caregiving is driven by compassion, empathy and humane hearts willing to go an extra mile to touch people’s hearts.

This course will cover a broad range of topics that will help you become a successful carer that holds your clients’ best interests at heart. The 14 units’ course divided into theory teaching classes, exams, practical’s and attachment is the best an aspiring professional caregiver or patient attendant can enroll to in Kenya! Existing caregivers can also enroll for this course to enhance their skills and knowledge and thereafter certification. The training is broad and intensive but at the same time exciting. This patient attendant course will be of great interest to all professionals working as caregivers, fresh students from the school, primary-family caregivers and healthcare professionals who wish to be trained about caregiving. The 4 months program can be studied full time, part time or distant learning. Train with the best,

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